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The perfect bottle for your BBQ

While you can’t guarantee the weather, you can make sure you’ve got a good wine or two at your next lockdown BBQ, thanks to Jo Page from The Wine Word.

Peter Watts Wines mixed case 2
Peter Watts Wines mixed case

Jo says: “For a BBQ steak, like Claire’s recipe, my choice would be a robust red. You want something with enough punch to match the BBQ and chimichurri flavours and plenty of acidity and tannins to complement the meat.”

Jo’s choice is an Argentinian Malbec. She says: “The Argentinians are famous for their BBQ meats and even more famous for their Malbec wine. The Malbec grape is a dark red grape, with thick skin. It needs a hot climate to ripen so is most often grown in the south of France and has been adopted by Argentina to become a ‘national variety’.

“In Argentina, the grapes are grown at a range of high altitudes. This means that they ripen in the sun during the day producing the flavours and tannins, while the cool nights help develop the acidity – to create a perfect balance.”

A Malbec wine is typically rich, dark and fruity. Young wines are purple in colour, which changes to a ruby colour as the wine matures. The aromas and flavours are of dark berries, brambles, plums and cherries with some sweet spice.

Jo adds: “For this Father’s Day, my recommendation is the Joffre Malbec ‘Expression de Terroir’, from the Mendoza region of Argentina. It’s an unoaked Malbec with plenty of body that will work well with a steak.”

The wine is produced by a family company, run by Raul Joffre and his four daughters. They gave it a French name because Raul’s grandfather was from the south of France and emigrated to Argentina in 1918.

You can buy the Joffre Malbec at local favourite Peter Watts Wines (£11.75), which is based in Coggeshall and offers free local delivery. It is also featured in a number of special cases for Father’s Day – whether you want a range of different reds, to brave the new world or to compare and contrast a variety of Malbecs, there’s a case to suit the father figures in your life.   

You’ll find monthly recommendations and food and wine pairings from Jo on our blog. To read more about Jo and The Wine Word click here.


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