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Because Dry January isn’t for everyone…

Veganuary is well under way at The Green Apron (The Game Changers has a lot to answer for!) and we’re loving trying out new recipes ahead of our upcoming Vegan cooking class. If, like us, you’ve prioritised eating a plant-based diet over giving up the booze this month, we’ve got the vegan wine recommendations you need.

Because Dry January isn't for everyone...

All wine isn’t vegan?

That’s right! Your favourite Friday-night fix might contain animal products, as many wine producers use isinglass* and egg protein to clarify their wines. While clay and other non-animal products are becoming popular, it’s hard to know if your wine is vegan-friendly. Although there’s an increasing number of websites adding filters to help you make informed choices and barnivore.com has a huge database that you can search, we thought we’d share some of our vegan-friendly favourites to save you some (drinking) time.

First up, Albarino, which is always popular here. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Albarino, £8.50, is both fruity and refreshing – think peaches and apricots as well as apples and lemons. It works well on its own and with a range of dishes. We recommend pairing it with mushrooms, roasted vegetables or anything light and herby.

If Claire’s Sichuan Ma Po tofu got you inspired, you’ll find Grüner Veltliner from Austria an ideal accompaniment. It is bright and zesty with a slight aromatic sweetness that will balance the spice in most Asian dishes. Waitrose Grüner Veltliner , £7.99, is a great choice.

For something a little heartier to go with your winter veggie stews or pasta dishes, try Valpolicella Ripasso. Red and black cherries with spices will warm you up while the evenings are still dark and cold. Tesco Finest Valpolicella Ripasso, £11, is our vegan-friendly pick.

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*Fun(ish) fact: The home of The Green Apron was once the home of Scottish inventor William Murdoch, who developed British isinglass as well as gas lighting.

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